Just follow your dreams?

The following is a digression, and an unashamed rant.

I’ve just read an interview with Craig Revel Horwood where he is quoted as saying:

“I think the point of life is to follow your heart and follow your dreams, and if you love something so much then you should do that, because you’ll be good at it. If you really have a passion for something I think you should follow that and not stifle it and not listen to everyone else; listen to yourself and your inner voice.”

This is the same doctrine which provokes hundreds of people into queuing up for X-Factor auditions and making themselves nationwide objects of derision.

It does not follow that if you love something you will be good at it. I’m sorry to all those wannabes out there who seem to believe that all they have to do is break down on television and sob about how becoming a pop star or musical theatre performer is their life’s ambition because they love it so much and they know they’ve got to follow their dream, yada yada yada, but it really doesn’t work like that. You have to have talent. If you can’t sing, no amount of dedication and anguish is going to make you a star. Yes, if you have a passion for it you can work your socks off and become a better performer, but being better is not necessarily the same as being good. Oh, and no, life isn’t fair.

I’m presuming Craig Revel Horwood does actually know this. I’d be flabbergasted if he didn’t. I’m going to be charitable and assume this is bad editing.


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